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4 Simple Steps To Add Extra Cash In Your Bank This Week 

Follow These Four Steps And You Can Be Seeing Cash In Your Bank Within A Week

You’re close to the big time.


This is where most people go back to watching YouTube because they don’t want to put in 1 hour to generate more money than they spend 37 hours earning each week!


We’ve put together 4 short slideshows for you to train you up to full speed on how Matched Betting works.


Please go through them all in detail, do not skip.


By the end of these tutorials you will be fully equipped to go out and earn an extra $2,500 through bookie bonuses.

Step 1 - Introduction To Matched Betting

Matched Betting Introduction

Step 2 - How To Use The Betfair Exchange

Introduction To Betfair

Step 2a - Create A Betfair Account

Tutorial 3 - Placing And Matching Your Bonus Bet

Bonus Bet Tutorial

Tutorial 4 - Placing And Matching Your Turnover  Bet

Turnover Bet Tutorial